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The Moon Has No Light

Two mothers.


One son.


Can the adopted son of one be the abducted son of the other?


Will their search for the truth destroy them both?


For twenty years, Baton Rouge Pediatrician, Maggie Langston has lived not knowing what happened to her abducted two-year-old son. She believes he still lives. Somewhere. Somehow. When she sees the twenty-two-year-old adopted nephew of her colleague, she’s convinced he’s her long-lost son. Maggie’s allegations create upheaval in the Ellerby household and bring past secrets to light—secrets that make Laney Ellerby question her husband and wonder if her adopted son could really be Maggie’s.


Spurred by their desire to find the truth, the women embark on a journey that takes them to New Orleans, Louisiana; Fort Collins, Colorado; and a small town south of Dallas, Texas.


As they search for answers, they forge a friendship that encourages each to face the wounds of past mistakes, fears, and regrets. Before they find the truth about Maggie’s abducted son, a tragic accident threatens to steal the son they both claim. Can Maggie’s fledgling faith withstand the possibility of losing the son she believes she has finally found? Will Laney’s faith support her as she faces the heartbreaking secret from her past and the possibility of losing the son she’s raised as her own for twenty years?

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