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Southern Fried Christmas Ebook Cover.jpg
Southern Fried Christmas

An assignment to write an article in Louisiana’s Cajun Country during Christmas is a welcome reprieve for Colorado Native, Kelly Shepherd. After losing her father this year, her beloved mountains at Christmas won’t be the same. The thought of spending Christmas alone gave her little to look forward to, but spending time away from the Rockies will ease the loneliness of the holiday. Her plans are to gather data for her article, return home and focus on work for the rest of the year. This Christmas will be one she’ll simply have to work through.

For the past five years, Adrien Labouve has been content to focus on his ten-year-old daughter and run the family business. Since his wife’s death, romance has been the farthest thing from his mind, and his heart. Yet, when Kelly, the Colorado Journalist enters his world, he finds she ignites feelings he was sure he’d never feel again. But, how will his daughter react to a woman in his life? With Adrien and Kelly's vastly different worlds and the distance between them, he couldn’t imagine how they could ever hope to have a relationship.

Will either of them trust that God can bridge the distance between the bayous and the mountains?

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