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Deep Freeze Christmas

When New Orleans, Louisiana Chef, Leona Buquet is invited by her boss, Head Chef, Julian Mayeux to assist with the cooking for a private group at a Colorado mountain lodge during the Christmas holiday, she is excited beyond measure. She’s never seen mountains or snow. While there, she meets the son of the movie producer who has hired them and is instantly drawn to his magnetic personality, not to mention his drop-dead good looks. But why would he even look her way, when the beautiful actress, Marissa Madison keeps clamoring for his attention?


Cameron Fleming knows he has a career many only dream of having. Yet, he’s following in his father’s footsteps only to please his father. While at their mountain lodge near Steamboat Springs at Christmas, he instantly feels a connection to the beautiful chef from Louisiana. Unfortunately, every opportunity that presents itself to get to know Leona, is curtailed by the latest starlet looking for a part in his father’s next film. To make things worse, Leona seems to be avoiding him.


Will there ever be a moment where Cameron and Leona can spend time together and work to bridge the span between their distinctly separate worlds? 

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