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Marian P. Merritt, Women's Fiction - Romance Author


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Looking for heartfelt character driven stories

 that celebrate the south with a mountain flair? 

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As a young girl growing up "on the bayou" in South Louisiana, I dreamed of one day becoming an author and also of visiting the Rocky Mountains. I've been blessed to have both those dreams come true. I have been abundantly blessed because I get to live in those mountains and get to share my writing passion about my two favorite places, the bayous and the mountains.

To learn more about me go to my biography page. 

My books are here as well.

Another of my passions is photography. I shared a few of my photos here as well. Just like capturing the right word when crafting a scene, it thrills me to capture a photo that reminds me of a better time and place.


Both places are inspiring for photos and if you've haven't visited the South Louisiana Bayou Country, I invite you to do so. It's unique, mysterious, and I guarantee, you won't find any strangers there. It also offers many photographic opportunities with its majestic oaks and lily pad-covered bayous.

Of course, the Rocky Mountains are awe-inspiring as well. The cool crisp air and the majesty of those snow covered mountains are worth the trip to Colorado. Your camera will be clicking like crazy!

And last but certainly not least, I love to cook. And eat. Which can be a downfall to maintaining a healthy weight. Especially, when the foods I love to cook are Cajun foods. I feature lots of cooking in my books, because, well, that's one of the things Cajuns love. Food, Faith, and Family are the buzz words there, although, not necessarily in that order!

I'm working on getting the recipes to dishes I enjoy and/or ones I've featured in my books here so you can enjoy them as well.


have several writing projects in various stages of completion. Since my husband and I have retired, I can dedicate more time to writing and get those long-ago started projects finished.

Currently, my writing time is spent editing my first novel, Legacy of Grace, and completing another novel, Four Weeks in Tuscany.


Legacy of Grace was completed a few years after I began seriously writing in 2003. It's over 100,000 words and needs serious editing. It will be part of the Pecan Point Series. Maybe book two, but likely book three.


Four Weeks In Tuscany, was started a couple of years ago and is also a book in the Pecan Point Series.  Check back often or sign up for my newsletter to get updates.

A Pecan Point Christmas Novella, Finding Home Fires, about a female firefighter who returns home to heal, is also in the works.

There are three more novels set for the Pecan Point Series. Dates to be announced

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